What Is Fansly?

Anyone who scrolls the internet or takes some time to dabble on social media is aware of adult subscription platforms. And Fansly is at the top!

Adult subscription platforms are a great way for adult content creators to make an income and share their content with their audience within a welcoming, safe environment.

What Is Fansly?

Fansly has been growing in popularity since 2017 but many people are not aware of the platform. 

In this article, we explain what Fansly is, how it works, and allow you to decide if it is right for you.

Whether you are a content creator or want to be part of the audience, Fansly can make your wildest dreams come true. 

Fansly Explained 

On the subscription-based social networking site Fansly, providers of hot content may make money by selling their products straight to users.

If this seems similar, Onlyfans may come to mind (see also “Onlyfans Review“). However, it would be a cop-out to claim that Fansly is just a rip-off of Onlyfans (see also “How To Start An Onlyfans“).

Fansly knew what their bread was buttered on and committed to sexy media from the beginning, whereas Onlyfans was developed for more than just adult entertainment (see also “How To Make Money On Onlyfans“).

Fansly was created in 2017 by a Baltimore-based company, Select Media LLC in partnership with Cyprus-based company CY Media LLC.

Both companies and the platform are reported to be owned by Michael Etelis, a rather successful businessman if you look at his catelogue of businesses. 

The adult content platform is known for its similarties to No,1 spicy content platform, Onlyfans, but Fansly has so much more to offer and is quickly rising in the ranks. 

Fansly Rises In The Ranks 

Recently, Fansyl’s biggest competitor, Onlyfans, announced that naked images would no longer be allowed to be shared on the app, making even their most loyal subscribers jump ship. 

And they have all jumped to Fansly.  Once the ban of adult content was announced to the world in 2021, Fansly saw such an increase in subscribers that the website crashed. Almost 4000 new profiles an hour! 

 And while Onlyfans tried to do damage control, Fansly reaped the rewards. 

What Can You Find On Fansly? 

If you are already tired of Onlyfans or are looking for an awesome NSFW platforms to suit your every need, then you will want to know what you can expect to find on Fansly.

And if you are an ‘accountant’, then you are going to know what you can sell. 

Usually, content is what you are selling. For a fee, your followers can access these images, films, or audio files. As long as it complies with the Terms of Service, art is also encouraged.

The terms of service for Fansly are rather straightforward. It is forbidden to publish content that depicts or even simulates the sexual exploitation of children.

Additionally prohibited is any content that promotes or shows incest, rape, bestiality, hate speech, or violence.

Funny enough, as long as they are clearly fake, guns and other weapons are acceptable.

They really do cater to every need. 

Another popular service among both creators and subscribers is time. Your fans can pay you for a one-on-one chat or video call, also known as the “Girlfriend Experience” or GFE.

You can give your fans their every fantasy by playing out their darkest fantasies and the basics of a relationship without every meeting in person. 

Most things are acceptable with Fansly when it comes to the sale of tangible goods. A excellent option to boost income is to sell actual images like polaroids or art prints.

Unfortunately, it is not permitted to sell used apparel, such as sock or pants.

What Is Fansly?

How Do Creators Get Paid On Fansly?

For the more adventurous content creators, Fansly is a great platform for earning some extra income. 

You must make a payout request from your creator wallet in order to begin the process (see also “Best Monero Wallet“). Normally, the transfer takes one or two business days, although some people claim they frequently get their money in less time than that.

Fansly and Onlyfans have the same split of 80% to the creator and 20% to Fansly, however Fansly gives you greater choice over your payout alternatives.

Is There A Limit To Pricing?

In short, no. As a creator, you set the price for your one off content and for your subscription tiers.  Fansly is known for their incredibly expensive premium memberships which can go as high as $500. 

They are right to believe that the proper person would be willing to accept $500 per month in payment for their services. Remember that people also pay for experiences like the aforementioned GFE.

Maybe nobody will pay half a rack for nude images or even the hottest movie in history.

Are Subscriptions Free On Fansly?

For those looking to enjoy the content, subscribing does not cost anything. Not a single cent. However, that will only get you so far into viewing content. 

If you are looking to view some of the good stuff, then you are going to have to pay. Tiered subscriptions are available from creators at various pricing ranges.

You receive more if you pay more.

The content available at each level is determined by the creator, so tier one can allow you view the majority of their images and videos while keeping more intense and controversial information behind a paywall.

On the other hand, you can simply follow an account for free and pay for special content as you go. And don’t forget to tip your creator! While this is not necessary, it is always appreciated.

Final Thoughts 

So, if you recently cancelled your Onlyfans subscription or are a new spicy content creator (see also “How To Find Someone On Onlyfans“), Fansly is an awesome adult content platform. 

Grow your audience to earn an extra income, or have your favorite creators bring your sexiest fantasies to life. Fansly is ready to bring your wildest dreams come true and it is all done within a safe environment. 

Simply create an account, subscribe to your favorite creator and make sure to leave a generous tip for all of their hard work! 

Fansly is sure to be your new adult playground.

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