Ueni Reviews

Having a great website is going to be essential to the success of any business. However, it takes an enormous amount of skill, time, and effort to build a great website, and not everybody is in a position for that. So what do you do?

This is where Ueni comes in.

Ueni Reviews

Ueni is an international technology company that helps local businesses and companies get onto the internet in the best way, building them unique and attention-grabbing websites, and then providing ongoing support to help them grow.

In our handy guide below, we’ve got a complete breakdown of everything Ueni. We’ve got the details on who they are, what they do, what they offer, the advantages of using them, and what their customers think. Read on!

What Is Ueni?

To begin with, it’s worth looking more in-depth at what Ueni actually is.

The internet has too often been swamped by the massive companies, leaving local businesses out to dry. This has a negative effect in two ways. For one, the local companies struggle to do business and succeed.

Secondly, it means that customers have trouble finding local businesses online that offer quality and something more personal than a massive corporation. Ueni was made to solve these problems.

Since making a successful website that will attract customers, stand out from the competition, and drive business takes a lot of time and skill, Ueni handles all that for the local companies.

All the company has to do is answer a few questions, and then Ueni will make them an entire website.

Ueni designs it, creates its sections, writes all the content, selects the right images, and builds the products and services.

On top of that, Ueni can also build the company a strong Google Business Profile, helping them to stand out on the search engine.

Additionally, Ueni will also be there to help the company grow, guiding them into the future and making adjustments where need be.

What Does Ueni Offer?

As you’ve seen, Ueni offers a good range of services, all of which will help a small company to build a strong online presence that drives business. Let’s go more in-depth on the features that Ueni offer:

Website Building

First and foremost, Ueni’s biggest feature is that they will build you a great website in just 7 days.

This requires minimal input from the small company themselves – all they have to do is answer a few questions, and then Ueni handles the rest.

We all know how frustrating a constant back-and-forth can be when you’re busy, so Ueni gets on with it quietly.

To build the website, Ueni will do everything necessary.

They’ll write all the posts and information, make important sections such as “blog” and “team” to help customers connect more to the company, design the website, select the best images, and build the products and services.

When the website is done, after the quick turn-around of just 7 days, Ueni will then have a Zoom call with the customer before the website goes live.

This is really helpful because it allows the customer to sign-off on the design, as well as learn how to manage the website.

Ueni will show them how to use their website editor, as well as provide them with tips to get the most out of the website.

Website Editor

Speaking of the website editor, Ueni has their own website editor that’s deliberately easy to use, so even tech novices will find it easy to make the most of their brand new website.

With a simple and understandable layout, customers will be able to use their website editor to:

  • Add images and videos
  • Add products and services
  • Add new sections and content
  • Alter the design, fonts, and colors – with just one click!
  • Add reviews
  • Add discounts
  • Update content

Website Ranking

Not only will Ueni build you a fantastic website, but they;ll build you one that’s designed to rank high on search engines.

This is incredibly important, because it’s what helps your small company stand out from the enormous amount of competition online.

Ueni will help you attract new visitors to the website by using SEO copy and SEO meta tags to make the website rank higher on Google, improving your visibility.

After that, they will then help you convert the visitors into customers, thanks to attractive design and displayed customer reviews to engender trust.

And once you’ve built up plenty of customers? Ueni helps you export your list of contacts anytime. On top of that, they also help you to build an unlimited lead database.

A lead database is a collection of consumer buying histories and patterns, the tracking of which will help you to know how your customers act – and therefore how you can best appeal to them.

Free Hosting

When it comes to the website, you’ll also find that it’s done through Amazon Web Services, which results in you getting unlimited free hosting for it.

This means that you should never be without your website. It’ll always be available, quick, and very secure.

On top of that, you’ll also receive an SSL certificate for free. This helps search engines to trust your site, as well as customers who are thinking of going on it, and it will also help to keep your precious data secure.

Custom Domains

On the other hand, if you already own a domain, then that’s no problem either! You can easily have Ueni connect your domain at no extra cost.

Alternatively, pick your own custom domain and custom email address from Ueni’s impressive catalog.

Extra Functionality And Social Features

Ueni will also add extra functionality and social features to help make your website even more connected.

For example, you can add Facebook Messenger or other live chat services, allowing customers to instantly and easily connect with you.

Additionally, you can have TikTok and Instagram feeds on the site, showing off your company’s social media profiles and helping to build your audience on those fronts.

Search bars can be added, helping customers quickly find what they want.

Additionally, Ueni can add Mailchimp lead capture to your site, which will help save lead information in the hopes that it can help you convert the lead into a paid customer.

Google Business Profile

Ueni will also make you a complete Google Business profile, which is essential in attracting customers from Google.

The profile is made in the same 7 days as your website, and it’s also synced to the site. Additionally, it’s optimized for local searches, allowing nearby customers to find you.

Google Maps is also embraced to help with this.

On top of that, customers are invited to leave Google reviews, which are then shown on Google and your website, helping you to build a strong reputation for reliability.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ueni?

Ueni Reviews

There are plenty of benefits to using Ueni:

  • Fully functioning professional website built entirely for you
  • Lifetime free hosting
  • Personalized website design
  • Personalized copy and images
  • Personalized plans for marketing and growth
  • 1-1 service to help you grow
  • Google Business profile built for you
  • You don’t have to spent time and effort doing it yourself
  • Great customer service
  • Connect domain and email
  • Affordable
  • One-time fee to setup and launch website, pay more for help with growth

What Are The Downsides Of Using Ueni?

There are a few downsides, however.

  • Not every feature that every niche business needs will be able to be added to the website. For example, a therapy website might struggle to add therapy forms, and instead need to work around it.
  • No free trial to see if it’s for you

What Do Customers Say About Ueni?

Customer reviews for Ueni are very positive, on the whole. Customers regularly praise:

  • The helpful and quick support
  • The speed of creating the website
  • The easiness of updating the website
  • The quality of the website
  • The range of features to help small businesses stand out

However, a few customers were disappointed in the lack of payment service options, occasional slow service, and the inability to offer multiple discounts on their website.

What Is The Pricing For Ueni?

Ueni has 4 price plans.


$199 one-time fee and nothing else. Used to be $599. You receive a website, free hosting forever, Google Business profile, premium designs, free SSL certificate, support, and more.


$129 annual fee, plus one-time $199 setup. You receive a custom domain and 2 business email accounts.


$349 annual fee, plus one-time $199 setup. You receive Basic, plus unlimited edits done by then, 4 business email accounts, live chat features, quarterly SEO review, listings on various platforms, more.


$499 annual fee, plus one-time $199 setup. You receive Plus, plus customized marketing program and dedicated manager to launch campaigns with you, advanced SEO consultation, advanced email marketing and social media help, and more.

Final Thoughts

Ueni is a great company that takes all the stress and effort out of creating a successful website, helping small businesses thrive on the internet.

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