How To Start An Onlyfans

The idea of starting an Onlyfans account is appealing to many individuals across the world. Especially when you see creators that are in the top 5% of the service who are earning an astronomical amount of money each and every month. 

But it’s important to remember that you’ll have to fight for your life to claw your way into the top percentage of high-earners.

How To Start An Onlyfans

You’ll begin your journey with pretty much no followers and no business, and it will be down to you to market and monetize your content to grow your following. 

The more you grow your following, the higher your chance of earning the big bucks will be. And in this article, we’re going to share our best tips and tricks to help yourself stand out in what is quickly becoming quite a saturated market. 

Excited to begin? Let’s get on with it then. 

Steps For Starting Your Only Fans

1. Be Realistic

Those top high-earning creators can make Onlyfans look like a dream. But only the lucky few will actually ever earn those substantial figures and actually on average Onlyfans creators will take home less than $140 per month. 

While this can be a side hustle that you turn into an empire, for many that won’t actually be the case and it’s important to go into the business knowing this. 

The other thing to be very aware, and realistic about, is that to become one of the top earners you won’t be able to keep your Onlyfans a ‘secret.’

In fact, in most cases regardless of how much you’re earning the people around you will become aware of the account. 

You’re going to have to promote your account and people you know are likely to stumble across this. And even if they don’t, someone else may end up showing it to friends or family.

If it’s something you are hoping no one will ever find out about, it’s probably not a wise career choice. Because in most cases people do become aware. 

If you don’t mind others knowing about the choice then you’re good to go – move on to the next step. 

2. Come Up With A Theme Or Niche

You’ll then need to decide what kind of content you actually want to put out. You want to try and pick a theme or niche that specific people are going to be interested in and you want to try and stick out from the crowd in some way or another. 

Remember there are hundreds of thousands of other creators out there doing exactly what you are doing. Why should someone watch your content over anyone elses?

It needs to be of interest to enough people that you’ll get the subscriptions without being too general to all the other content on the site already. 

Then, once you’ve decided, you’ll want to pick a pseudonym for your account that aligns with your decided niche or theme. It is best to not use your real name on Onlyfans.

Remember to keep things fairly simple as you begin too. You can always make things a little more complicated once your channel is more developed. 

3. Build A Script And Interesting Visuals

There’s this general assumption that as long as you expose some body parts you’ll be good to go and the money will soon start to roll in. 

But there’s a lot more to only fans than that. 

You need to keep in mind that the Onlyfans platform is exclusively run by interesting visuals and high-beauty standards (see also “How To Promote Onlyfans“). And you need to cater to that. 

Viewers are going to be scrolling through content looking for something visually stimulating and personalized to their own personal preferences.

So once you’ve decided on your theme or niche you need to ensure that your video caters to these choices so they appeal to your intended audience. 

Regardless of your chosen niche, you need to ensure that the content is visually engaging and interesting as well. 

4. Promote Your Channel

Next, you’ll need to promote your channel and content to try and gain more followers. I would advise creating specific Twitter and Reddit accounts using your pseudonym name to do so. 

You can advertise your channel by offering free trials. This is always a good way to get people involved with your content as everyone loves a bargain.

Once you then give viewers to see your content there’s a much higher chance of you retaining your viewers if they like what they see.

Integrating your content with TikTok is another great choice since it is the 6th largest global media channel. You’ll definitely have the chance to reach a wider audience by doing so. 

Getting involved with your audience is another great option. Doing things such as live streams and Q&As helps you to grow closer to your audience and this can massively help promote your channel. 

Final Thoughts

The idea of making millions of dollars from Onlyfans is a tempting dream to be sold (see also “Onlyfans Review“). And for the lucky few this can actually become their reality. However, it is important to remember that this won’t be the case for most creators. 

It will take hard work and a lot of dedication and determination to battle your way toward the top percentage of earners. You’ll need a niche theme or topic for your channel and you’ll need to put in consistent effort to grow your following. 

As long as you are well aware of this before you begin your journey, and understand that going into this type of business you are not automatically going to start earning astronomical amounts of money you should be fine (see also “How To Make Money On Pornhub“). 

It needs to be something that you will enjoy and you’ll need thick skin to do so. But who knows, if you stick at it and grind hard, you may become one of those lucky chosen few who make a substantial earning.

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