How To Pin Someone On Snap

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Its brief and snappy short-form content effectively helped rewrite a good deal of how other social media platforms conduct and manage themselves.

After all, do you think that YouTube or Facebook would’ve had story sections if it weren’t for Snapchat? Heck, would TikTok even exist as it does now without Snapchat?

How To Pin Someone On Snap

Okay, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. But our point stands that Snapchat helped change the game and is incredibly popular as a result (see also “How To Spoof Pokemon Go“).

However, this also has another knock-on effect. Chances are if you’re using the messenger feature to talk to friends and mutuals, then your message log is swamped with messages that go back months, if not years, with potentially hundreds of different people.

Finding a particular message or conversation can be such a hassle when it gets to this stage, so it pays to have a solution if you have that open the chats that you need to be able to find through all the random conversations.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: the humble pin function. And we’re going to show you how you can use it for yourself!

What Is Pinning On Snapchat?

Well, pinning in Snapchat works pretty similarly to many other social media apps.

Thai function highlights a particular chat conversation that has been pinned, and will always show the pinned chat at the top of the chat page that you’re on.

What’s great about this function is that the person’s message log will stay at the top of the page, whether you’ve got to wade through a year’s worth of messages, or haven’t messaged in that chat at all in the same amount of time.

How To Pin Someone On Snapchat

So, now we can get to the section that most people are probably here for: How to pin a message in chat themselves!

So, from the chat selection screen, perform a long press on your chat of choice.

A menu should pop up after a moment, on which you will select the ‘more’ option. Under the list of options that appear, you should then press ‘pin conversation’.

And that’s it! Your chat with the person in question will now always be found at the top of the chat menu! It’s that simple!

Plus, you can repeat this process with multiple people too, so you can keep the two or three most important conversations happening to you in easy viewing at all times!

How To Unpin A Chat On Snapchat

Of course, many people are likely to also want to know how to unpin a chat. Perhaps contact with them is unnecessary or even something that you want to avoid for a little while.

Whatever the reason, these are the steps that you need to follow.

Long press the pinned conversation in question, then tap the option ‘more ‘ when it pops up.

From here, you’ll find the ‘pin conversation’ option has been replaced with the ‘unpin conversation’. Click this, and your contact will no longer be at the top of the screen.

As you can see, the process to unpin a conversation is virtually the same as it is to pin someone, making this a very easy function to understand.

How To Pin Someone On Snap


Sometimes, you may find that, for whatever reason, the pinning function doesn’t seem to work.

There are a few reasons that this could be happening.

Snapchat Needs To Update

When it comes to social media apps and platforms that have online features (i.e. virtually all of them), they’ll often go into an offline mode if they need to install an update on the device you are using them on.

This is a simple fix. Simply close the Snapchat app, download the update, and you should find that you’ll be able to pin conversations again when the app has loaded up!

Too Many Pins

Snapchat does have a limit to the number of chats that can be pinned at any one time (see also “How To Make A Group Chat On Snapchat“). Otherwise, your screen would likely just be full of pinned chats, and no way to see the rest!

\You’ll likely notice that you cannot pin more than 3 chats at a time on the app. That is currently the limit as far as pinned chats go.

Changing Pinned Chat Emojis

Not only is it possible to pin chats in Snapchat, but you can also alter emoji symbols that are used as the icon for the pinned chat. It’s a great way to distinguish between friends, family partners, and so on.

To do this, simply go over to your profile page in Snapchat, go to settings (the small cog in the top-right corner of the screen), then go to the ‘manage’ option on the next screen.

From here, you can select the ‘friend emojis’ option, tap ‘pinned conversations’, and change the emoji here. Once you’ve changed it, you can simply press back, until you are back on your profile page.

The changes will be made and go live pretty much immediately, so there is no need to try and save your changes.

You can replace the default option with pretty much any emoji that you have available on Snapchat, so have fun with this feature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Someone See If I Have Pinned Their Conversation On Snapchat?

Some people might want to pin a conversation on Snapchat, but don’t want the contact to know that they have pinned their conversation.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Snapchat’s users are not notified when someone else pins their conversation with them (see also “How To Unblock Someone On Snapchat“). It’s a convenience that’s just for you!

Can I Message Someone Who Isn’t a Friend On Snapchat?

Yes, it is possible to message people you are not friends with on Snapchat, or even receive messages from non-friends.

You can either add the names of recognized Snapchat users to your current list of friends, or you can change your privacy settings so that anyone can directly message you!

Final Notes

So, as you can see, pinning isn’t just a useful feature that Snapchat has added in the last few years, but it’s also incredibly easy to do for yourself!

We hope this guide has been helpful for your needs!

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