How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the whole world. It’s a place where people go to share pictures and moments captured in their life and it continues to grow in popularity every single day. 

Instagram has added and removed many features over the years, and one of its most recent features is the ability to pin comments to the top of your posts.

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

Lots of people don’t bother to use this feature, but you would be surprised by how beneficial it can be to your engagement on the platform. 

If you are curious about pinning comments to the top of your posts but don’t know how then you have come to the right place!

We will be showing you how to pin Instagram comments for yourself, as well as going over some key information as to why pinning comments is a beneficial feature! 

How To Pin A Comment On Instagram

Pinning comments on Instagram is a very straightforward and easy process, and once you know how to do it, you will be able to pin any comments with ease. Simply follow the steps below to successfully pin comments for yourself. 

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

The first step just requires you to open the Instagram app. All you need to do is locate it on your phone and click on it to get started. 

Step 2: Choose A Post & Comment

For the next step, go onto your profile on Instagram and choose a post with comments that you want to use (see also “Why Is My Instagram Black?“). Don’t just pick a random post, pick one where pinning the comments is going to impact the post in a positive way.

Don’t be afraid to take your time with this and check all viable posts (see also “The Best Time To Post On Instagram“)! Look for a post where the comments match the original post and choose a comment that will add value to the post when you pin it. 

Step 3: Highlight Your Selected Comment 

Once you have found the appropriate post and comment, you then need to highlight it in order to open the pin option. 

To do this, all you need to do is click on the comment and hold it down.

It will then be highlighted and at the top of the page, there will be options to pin it, report it, or delete it. The options come in icons and they match the function, so they will be easy to differentiate. 

Step 4: Select “Pin Comment”

With the pin option now available, simply click on it and that comment will now be that post’s top and pinned comment.

No matter who else comments on this post, that comment will always stay pinned and at the top of the post, so it won’t get lost.

That comment will have the phrase “pinned” next to it and that’s how it will appear to anyone on your post. 

Note: If you change your mind for any reason and you no longer want the selected comment to be the pinned comment, all you need to do to remove the pin is re-highlight the comment, click the pin icon again, and select “unpin” in the pop-up window.

Once you do that, the comment will become a regular comment again.

Can You Pin Multiple Comments On Instagram?

Yes, you can pin multiple comments on Instagram.

If you have a lot of comments you think would be valuable as a pinned comment on your post, but you can’t choose just one, you don’t have to worry because Instagram allows you to have quite a few pinned comments per post. 

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Can You Pin Your Own Comments On Instagram? 

Unfortunately, you cannot pin your own comments on your Instagram post.

The whole reason Instagram began incorporating pinned comments into the site was that they wanted to encourage people to spread positivity and combat cyberbullying, so this feature is just aimed at other people’s comments rather than your own. 

If you do a lot of live streaming on Instagram, you are able to pin your own comments there, so there are options available for pinning your own comments. 

Why Should You Pin Comments On Instagram? 

The pinned feature might seem a bit pointless to some people, but you would be surprised by how beneficial it is.

As previously mentioned, the “pin comments” feature was introduced to spread positivity and prevent cyberbullying on the site, so it is a great way to filter out any negativity or bullying and it makes your whole page come across as a more positive and safe space. 

Having pinned comments also encourages other users to interact with those comments, and the more engagement you get on your posts, the more likely you are to appear in other people’s feeds.

This will help your account grow and it will help you reach more people. 

Pinned comments will also help you find negative comments more easily, so you can delete them and block the users more easily, and stop hate and negativity from coming onto your page.

It’s also great for filtering out bots and making sure that bot comments don’t flood your page. 

Having pinned comments on Instagram is incredibly beneficial, especially if you are trying to encourage positive growth on your profile. When people see positivity, they are more likely to be positive too.

It is a great way to encourage people to see your account as a safe space where they can get involved and engage with you, and the more engagement you have, the more people will see your profile. 


Pinning comments on Instagram is a very straightforward and easy process. As long as you follow the steps we have provided, you will be able to pin comments in no time at all. 

Though you cannot pin your own comments, the “pin comment” feature is incredibly beneficial, especially if you are trying to grow your brand on the platform.

It encourages positivity and makes your profile a safe space where people feel they can be themselves, so it is worth utilizing this feature!

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