How To Make A Public Profile On Snapchat

Snapchat. Every millennial and older Gen Z kid knows the trials and tribulations of having a Snapchat account.

Relationships were tested, friendships ended, and of course, you had to be careful about who was your best friend. 

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Today, however, the picture-sharing app is all about love and is more commonly used for content sharing than having secret conversations about your ex-lover. And this requires having a public profile. 

Luckily, we are here to help you. In this article, we cover what a public profile is, who can have one, and the simple steps for you to get one yourself. 

So, whether you are looking to cause some drama or want to share your latest gym routine, you can do it all with a public profile on Snapchat. 

What Is A Public Profile On Snapchat?

When Snapchat was first launched onto the market, it took the younger generation by storm. The ability to share private messages and media with your friends that disappear in an instant sounded like heaven. 

However, today, the connecting platform is another platform for many content creators to connect with their audience. A new feature on Snapchat makes it simpler for other users to discover you: the public profile.

You can create a place where others can find your content on Snapchat and contact you by sharing your public profile on other websites.

A public account’s separate list of subscribers and friends is its most crucial component.

You can interact more deeply with your pals while still sending content to your public subscribers. In contrast to Twitter, you do not receive notifications when new subscribers sign up.

Another cool feature of the public profile is having cool ways to present your content.

This is done through lenses and stories. So that other Snapchat users may find you through your work, you can make your original content the focal point of your profile.

Requirements To Get A Public Profile 

When the public profile feature on Snapchat was first announced, it was declared that only verified creators would have access.

Although, with some focus group testing, it was decided that any Snapchat account could have one. So long as they followed the requirements, of course. 

1. Following Community Guidelines 

Being granted the gift of a public profile is not something to be taken lightly. While you can be creative when it comes to promoting your work, you have to stick to the community guidelines or risk losing your profile. 

We urge anyone thinking about making a public profile on Snapchat to carefully study the platform’s community guidelines as they aren’t difficult to comprehend.

Snapchat generally forbids:

  • Hate Speech 
  • Threats, violence, and harm
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Explicit Content
  • Fraud, deception, impersonation, or sharing false information
  • Illegal content

Basically, keep it clean, and don’t be mean. 

Other requirements to have a public profile are: 

  • Users must be 18 years or older.
  • You need at least one friend who has accepted your friend request.
  • Your account must be active for longer than 24 hours. 
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Going Public Is Not The Same As A Public Profile 

You can change areas like “Contact Me” and “View My Story” in your Snapchat settings to “Everyone” so that anyone who knows your username can search for it and read your material.

This can sound like having a public profile, after all, everyone can view your content right? Well, no, to view your profile they would still have to know your username even if they are not your friend.

You also won’t have access to the cool features available to a public profile. 

You can make a Snapchat account and display your username anywhere people may see it, but that is a much less sophisticated approach.

It implies that you might have to remove pals who would be better off becoming subscribers from your friend list.

As opposed to a public profile, the “See me in Quick Add” option is different. It implies that others you may already know will be able to see you in the Quick Add section.

So, how do you create a public profile on Snapchat? Keep reading to find out! 

How To Create A Public Profile On Snapchat 

If you meet the rather simple requirements and are ready to share your content with the world of Snapchat, then you have a quick and easy process ahead of you. 

  1. Open the Snapchat app. 
  2. Select your Bitmoji from the camera screen. Located on the top left of the screen or select your Story Icon. 
  3. Scroll down until you see the Public Profile section (see also “Can The Public See My Private Stories On Instagram?“). Located under the Spotlight and Snap Map section. 
  4. Tap Create Public Profile. 

Now you can follow the steps on the screen to build your public profile just the way you like it. However, if you wish to make some changes to your public profile later on.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Tap your Bitmoji or Story Icon. 
  2. Select the Public Profile Card. 
  3. Select Edit Profile. 

This can be done at any time. The more you complete your profile, the wider an audience you will reach, and as a content creator you want the furthest reach possible. 

Just be aware that if you are using an Android, the public profile creation section may not appear. There is no current resolution for this issue other than either signing in on an iOS device or contacting Snapchat support. 

Final Thoughts 

Snapchat is changing to become a successful social media platform for content creators to share their content. And if you want to join the party, you need a public profile. 

Anyone following the community guidelines and that meets the requirements can have a public profile but knowing how to use it is what makes it great. 

You can express your creativity and share your content all on one platform. Use the different lenses and stories to connect with your audience and don’t forget to reply to messages!

The possibilities are endless with a public profile on Snapchat and now you know how to make one. 

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