How To Delete A LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a popular and widely used website, designed to connect professionals from numerous industries with a view to finding employment, gaining experience, and networking to improve their long term career prospects.

How To Delete A LinkedIn Account

As such, there are all manner of reasons why people get involved with the site, and it has proven to be a helpful tool for many.

But what exactly does LinkedIn offer, and how can someone delete their account if the need arises?

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a form of social media, designed to facilitate networking amongst professionals from numerous industries – as well as those who’re new to their respective fields and are looking to either improve their prospects, or secure employment.

Through LinkedIn, users can broaden their contacts list, chat with their friends, post and view career advertisements – as well as advertise courses, apprenticeship opportunities, internships, and conferences.

What Does LinkedIn Offer?

As you might expect, LinkedIn serves numerous purposes, and actually offers a fair bit to its users – namely in terms of career progression and networking opportunities.

Online Resume

The best thing about LinkedIn is that it essentially creates an online resume and business card for your contacts and their friends to view and examine.

This is the best way for people to find work and employment opportunities for themselves, and means that your resume receives a larger and more varied audience than a normal job application site would offer.

Endorsement Opportunities

Due to the combination of the personal and the professional, this means that, should you receive an interview offer from one of your friend’s contacts, then they can effectively endorse and vouch for you, your personality, and your skills.

This puts a personal face to an applicant, and can go some way to bridge the gap between employers and their prospective employees.

This also ensures that the best people get the best roles, and that people can find a working environment that more accurately matches their strengths.

Client Communication

Of course, there are many business owners who use LinkedIn as a means of publicizing their own wares or services, as well as communicating with prospective clients and customers.

This is a much more organic and personal form of communication, and means that people are much more likely to engage with content than they would through targeted ads (see also “Amazing Interactive Ads For Cars“).

Search Job Postings

Job hunters can also search and apply for jobs in their respective fields, allowing them to encounter new and exciting opportunities that they might not find through similar job sites.

This can be great for those looking to break into a more niche or specialized field of work, and can increase the likelihood of them achieving their goals.

Meet Like-Minded People

You can also join groups with like-minded people who share your interests and goals.

This can be great for merging the personal and the professional, and can be a good opportunity for people to help one another get where they would like to be professionally.

Can You Delete LinkedIn?

However, for those who do not use LinkedIn, are tired of notifications, or simply do not find it useful anymore, then you can easily delete your account with a few simple steps.

How To Delete LinkedIn Accounts

How To Delete A LinkedIn Account (1)

As mentioned above, when it comes to deleting your LinkedIn account, there are just a few simple steps to make this happen.

Step One

To begin with, you need to access LinkedIn, heading to your account in the top right hand corner, and selecting ‘manage’.

This will allow you to manage all of the information regarding your account, the notifications you receive, and the settings you have installed.

Step Two

Once you have selected ‘manage’, you then need to scroll down the account page and select the ‘close your LinkedIn account’ page.

Step Three

Once you have selected the ‘close your LinkedIn account’ page, you then need to answer the exit question, which will allow the company to more properly get a sense of what their customers feel about the site.

This is a simple box ticking exercise, and will not require any further information if you do not want to give it.

Final Step

Once you have done this, you will then need to input your LinkedIn password one final time, and then click ‘close account’ to finalize the process.

Why Do People Delete Their Accounts?

You might be wondering why such a helpful tool for so many would need to be deleted – however, the reasons are numerous and depend on people’s needs.

Lack Of Use

They simply might not use the site much, and want to get rid of it. This is a common reason, and can be a useful way of tying up loose ends online.

Lack Of Usefulness

People might have had bad experiences through LinkedIn, and as such might want to cut ties with the site.

Finding Employment

Alternatively, if someone has advanced their careers, and does not need the help that LinkedIn provides, then they might choose to delete their accounts once they are done.

This too is normal, and can simply be a case of online ‘housekeeping’ for the individual and the accounts they have.

Can You Reactivate LinkedIn?

Luckily, for those who have a change of heart, you can reactivate your LinkedIn account within the initial 20 day period.

This requires simply inputting your login details and signing in once more.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about LinkedIn, and how to delete your account should the need arise.

It’s true that LinkedIn has changed the game in terms of career prospects, giving people the chance to network and engage with people from all manner of backgrounds and industries in the hopes of improving their own future prospects.

However, should you ever need to delete your account, then be sure to follow this handy guide!

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