How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

When Instagram’s story feature first launched back in 2016, it was met with a little bit of backlash.

Many people felt that Instagram was stealing Snapchat’s idea and really didn’t see the point of having two different social media accounts with the same purpose.

How To Add Multiple Photos To Instagram Story

However, soon after its launch, many people changed their tune, and in the years since, the Instagram story has become one of the most popular parts of the Instagram platform.

In fact, a lot of people now use Instagram exclusively for the story feature, rather than posting to their “grid”.

Originally, you could only post photos taken with your camera at the time of posting on Instagram (see also “The Best Time To Post On Instagram“), but soon after the platform allowed you to upload photos and videos from your camera roll.

Since then, more features have been added to Instagram, including the ability to add multiple photos to your Instagram story at once (see also “Can The Public See My Private Stories On Instagram?“).

There are a couple of methods that you can use to add multiple photos to your Instagram story (see also “Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry?“). In this guide, we’re taking a look at 3 of the best and most user-friendly options.

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Method One – Layer Photos

One feature that Instagram has added to its platform to help you post multiple photos at once is the “sticker” tool.

To use this tool, you first need to select a background photo, this can be a photograph from your camera roll or one taken using your camera within the app.

Alternatively, you can use the “create” option if you would prefer to have a solid color as the background.

With your background image selected, you then need to swipe upwards to open the Instagram menu.

If you don’t want to swipe up, you can also select the “sticker” button on the top right of the screen which looks like a square with a smiley face on top.

With this menu open, scroll down until you see a sticker that shows an image from your camera roll with a logo of a mountain and sun overlaid on top. When you see this, select it.

This will then open your camera roll, allowing you to select the images that you want to use from your camera roll.

As this image is a sticker, you can easily drag it around the screen and use your fingers to adjust the size of the image.

Tapping on the image will also allow you to change the shape of the image with options such as rectangle, square, rounded edges, circle, and a heart-shaped option too.

Once you have added one image, repeat this until you have added all the images that you want to upload to your story.

Drag them into the right positions, and adjust their size and shape until you are happy with the collage.

Then when you are finished tap the arrow button in the bottom right corner and select “my story” to share it with your followers.

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Method Two – Layout Tool

If you want a traditional style of collage, then it is a good idea to use Instagram’s “layout” tool to upload multiple photos to your story.

The layout tool is super easy to use and can be selected by clicking on the quadrant logo on the left-hand side of the screen when you click “create story”.

With the layout tool, you have a few different options. You can change the style of the collage and choose between uploaded photographs from your camera roll or using your device’s camera.

The first thing you will need to do is select the style of your collage.

There are plenty of options to choose from, including split-screen vertical and horizontal, the option to upload 4 photographs, the option to include 3 horizontal images stacked, and the option to upload 6 square images.

Select whichever option suits your collage.

With your layout design selected, it is then time to add images.

If you want to take photos using your camera, simply press the button in the bottom-center of the screen to take a photograph. Repeat this process until all the grids are filled.

Alternatively, upload images from your camera roll. You can easily do this by selecting the square in the bottom left corner of the screen.

This will open your camera roll, so simply scroll through and select the image you want to use.

Once you have selected the image, use your fingers to zoom in and out and adjust the positioning of the photograph.

Then click the button in the bottom-center of the screen to move to the next square in the grid. Repeat this process until all the squares have been filled.

With all the squares filled, you can then adjust your collage. Use your fingers to zoom in and out as you see fit.

If you want to zoom out slightly and adjust the positioning of the completed collage, you can easily do this too.

Then simply share it to your story using the steps outlined in the previous method.

Method Three – Upload a Collage

Finally, you can upload multiple photos to your Instagram story using the “old school method”, otherwise known as creating a collage using a different platform and uploading it to Instagram through your camera roll.

OG Instagram users will remember the days before stickers and layout when the only way to upload multiple photos was to download a collage-making app on your phone (see also “How To Use Instagram Without Installing The App“).

While this is the most fiddly option, it is great for anyone who is struggling to make the perfect collage on the Instagram platform.

Simply make your collage, save it as an image, and then upload it to your story through your camera roll. It really is easy as pie!


In short, uploading multiple photos to your Instagram story is actually really easy.

In this guide, we’ve taken a look at three different methods that allow you to do this with ease. So check them out for all the helpful tips you need.

Thanks for reading!

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