How Does Vivox Work?

Strong voice support in games has evolved into a key feature set as online MMOs and social networks continue to grow in popularity.

It makes sense to directly incorporate voice into games and relieve developers and players of this burden given the continuous expansion of social gaming.

How Does Vivox Work

When Vivox, Inc. assumed that voice integration function in 2005, it quickly secured its first major client.

The company was started by a group of entrepreneurs and technicians and has earned $23 million in venture capital funding.

Vivox has a reputation for providing cutting-edge audio services to people worldwide with customers like Sony Online Entertainment, Big Point, and Linden Lab/Second Life.

In this article, we’ll explore Vivox and how it delivers voice chat and audio services to gamers around the world.

What Is In-Game Chat?

Players can communicate with each other while playing multiplayer video games thanks to in-game chat capabilities.

Developers can implement player chat with voice chat, text chat, or both, using software like Vivox. This is especially sought after for multiplayer games and MMOs.

Voice Chat

The majority of gamers choose voice chat games. Voice chat is the best in-game chat option because it allows players to speak with each other in real time without pausing the game.

When playing with friends, voice chat offers the most immersive experience because it frees up hands to play the game and minimizes distractions.

Text Chat

The most simple messaging function in any game is text-based chat. It requires less bandwidth and may offer a pleasant user interface.

File-sharing capabilities, rapid chat features with predefined sentences, a ping system for responding by non-verbal cues, and other features might all be included in a text-based chat solution.

What Is Vivox And How Does It Work?

Vivox is a leader in its field for voice chat in online games. They provide core voice chat integration technology for some of the world’s most popular online games.

Some of these games include Elder Scrolls Online, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Siege.

Vivox works with game developers to integrate their technology without players having to make external downloads, as well as improve the social aspects of games so that millions of gamers can enjoy their favorite games while staying connected to their friends.

They even operate their own software through the cloud and offer support to users every step of the way so that they can experience high-quality, real-time communication.

Game developers can easily implement Vivox into their games.

It is done through Vivox’s Developer Portal, where they can download the SDK and import the plugin into their game as a part of the development process.

Developers can then set up their own voice chat parameters and classes through coding techniques.

Vivox Key Features

How Does Vivox Work

There are many reasons why game developers choose to work with Vivox; it offers an array of features that can take the social aspects of the game to a new level.

These are some of the most impressive features that Vivox offers:

  • Text Chat – Allows players to communicate through integrated group chats and direct messaging, giving players the choice between voice and text.
  • 3D Positional Voice – Vivox is the only provider of large-scale 3D positional voice, which allows players to hear other players relative to their positional in-game for better immersion.
  • Multi-Channel – Allows players to join multiple conversations with minimal impact on local resources.
  • Cross-Platform – SDKs enables cross-platform communication between different consoles with supported games
  • Player Controls – Gives players control over their communication experience with muting and volume management.
  • SDK For Any Engine – SDKs can work with a number of different engines, with Core SDK for custom engines and wrapped SDKs for Unreal and Unity engines.
  • Accessibility – Made with all kinds of players in mind with key accessibility features like Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text.

Why Developers Choose To Include Vivox In Their Games

Multiplayer and MMO gamers want to be able to communicate with each other in-game, without having to use external software.

This is exactly what Vivox offers, allowing players to communicate with a built-in chat feature.

Two main benefits of offering in-game chat to gamers are increased player engagement and better overall player experience.

Increased Player Engagement

More social links are formed within a gaming community the more personal interactions players have with one another.

Players are connected by these social relationships, which also motivate them to play more.

Players are more likely to enjoy their gaming experience when they are playing with individuals they like, whether they are meeting new friends or hanging out with old ones.

In-game player communications also eliminate the need for players to use third-party apps, which would require them to exit the game or view an overlay and break the immersion of the game.

Last but not least, if a game is cross-platform, using external programs may not be an appropriate choice for the player’s device.

Developers can have more influence over the gameplay experience that users have by including in-game communications.

Better Overall Player Experience

Cooperation among players is crucial to success in MMORPGs and FPS games.

Teamwork is often essential, and in-game chat enables players to inform their team of the enemy’s location or request a heal as the action is taking place.

A growing number of games have emerged that rely on user interaction to directly influence the gameplay experience as in-game communications become more commonplace.

For example, games like Overwatch are based on working together to reach a common goal and beat the other team.

Final Thoughts

In-game communication is becoming an essential feature in the gaming industry.

With Vivox, developers can now integrate this feature directly into their game, giving players a better experience and allowing them to create social bonds within their community.

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