Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?

Nothing sends us into an anxiety-riddling hole faster than accidentally screenshotting another person’s post. 

You were simply trying to lock your phone, or turn the volume up louder, when next thing you know, you’ve taken a screenshot of your ex’s cousin’s new post about her dog.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?

Or, perhaps you were trying to take a screenshot on purpose.

Either way, you’ve just realized that this may send that user a notification, and now everyone will know that you are a crazy (accidental) stalker.

We all know that certain apps, such as Snapchat, send a notification to the other user when you take a screenshot of their content. But what happens when you take a screenshot while using Instagram?

Let’s find out.

Is A Screenshot Notification Feature A Good Thing?

The screenshot notification feature is something that is more synonymously known for being used by Snapchat, another popular social media app that started gaining popularity around the same time as Instagram (see also “Best Instagram Analytics Apps“).

Everyone who uses Snapchat knows that if you take a screenshot of a snap, a story, or a DM, the other user will become notified instantly (see also “What Does ‘SFS’ Mean On Snapchat?“).

The only aspect of Snapchat that currently does not notify the user is if someone were to screenshot your Bitmoji on the Snap Map (see also “How To Unblock Someone On Snapchat“).

So, why does Snapchat, and some other social media apps, do this?

The biggest reasoning behind this feature is that it enables safety for its users.

Social media, as we all know, can be such a dangerous tool at times, with the old phrase ‘everything is permanent on the internet’ being enough to scare anyone.

By adding a screenshot notification feature to an app, the creators are giving their users a bubble of safety.

If a user sends a photograph to a friend, and asks them not to show anyone else, there is no way that trust can be broken without the original user knowing about it.

There are, of course, certain apps that allow users to take screenshots without triggering the notification feature.

However, most social media apps do not enable users to use these, as it goes against their company safety policies. 

Overall, most people would agree that a screenshot notification feature is a good thing to have set in place.

It helps its users feel more assured when posting content, allowing them to know if people are stealing their media and sharing it without their content. 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Post?

Instagram never has, and still doesn’t send a notification to a user if another user has taken a screenshot of their posts.

This may come to the surprise of many, since so many apps, including Snapchat, include the screenshot notification feature.

Instagram has been one of the top social media apps for a while now, yet it still does not have this feature, and it never has.

This may come as a happy surprise to many users who like to screenshot random posts and share the tea amongst their friends without being detected. Screenshot away – no one is going to find out!

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

You may be surprised at the answer to this one, as, in previous years, Instagram did use to notify users if their story took a screenshot. 

If another user took a screenshot of your story, you would have instantly received a notification to let you know that they had done so.

An icon would have also appeared next to that user’s name when you viewed the viewers of that particular story.

However, today, that feature no longer exists. Other users can now take multiple screenshots of your stories, and you will be none the wiser. 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A DM? 

Just like Instagram posts, a user will not become detected if they take a screenshot of their DMs with another user.

No matter whether you take a screenshot of the chat itself, or an image that has been shared, the other user will not receive a notification of your actions. 

However, there is one instance in which you will become detected, and the other user will receive a notification…

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Disappearing DM?

For those who are not aware, there is such a thingsuch thing as a ‘disappearing DM’. 

This function is similar to Snapchat, in the sense that the user will use their camera to take a photograph, send it to another user, and it will only be visible during the time that the image has been opened.

This means that, once the image has been clicked off of, it will disappear forever.

If you were to take a screenshot of a disappearing DM image, the other user would receive a notification to let them know that you have done so, and vice versa. 

This will showwill this show up as a message when you first open up your DM list, with the word Screenshot with an arrow next to it showing up. 

If you click on the DM, a small circle made up of lines will appear next to the now-disappeared disappearing DM, indicating that this is the image that the other user took a screenshot of.

So, be warned: you can take a screenshot of virtually anything on Instagram without becoming detected, aside from disappearing DMs.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it. If you everIf ever happen to accidentally – or, not-so-accidentally – screenshot another person’s Instagram post or story, there will be no consequences.

As of early 2023, there are no screenshot notification functions set in place.

However, if you take a screenshot of a friend’s disappearing DM, or a friend takes a screenshot of your disappearing DM, a notification will be sent/received. 

Screenshot notifications can make the world of social media feel less scary, especially if you are on the receiving end.

It is, in our eyes, a great feature that keeps the users of the app safer, knowing if their content is being used without their consent or not.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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