How Does Vivox Work?

Strong voice support in games has evolved into a key feature set as online MMOs and social networks continue to grow in popularity. It makes sense to directly incorporate voice into games and relieve developers and players of this burden given the continuous expansion of social gaming. When Vivox, Inc. assumed that voice integration function […]

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What Are Virtual Goods?

You could be forgiven for assuming that virtual goods are the same as digital goods, but they are not the same thing… You may even wonder whether they are real or fake, and even whether it’s actually legal to sell them. This article is going to cover everything you need to know about virtual goods,

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What Happened To The Horrible Histories Virtual World?

The Horrible Histories brand is highly successful and has expanded since its inception in 1993 to include a highly acclaimed television series, and it has won several awards. But What Happened To The Horrible Histories Virtual World? Developing The Horrible Histories Virtual World In April 2010, Scholastic Children’s Books announced that it was developing a

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Best Adblock For Safari

There is nothing worse than opening your Safari browser and being hounded with endless ads. While they are designed to be enticing and attractive, ads can be rather distracting from the task and hand. And they are just downright annoying.   The solution to stopping these disturbances also known as ads is an adblocker. But finding

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