Best Instagram Analytics Apps

The marketing plan for any business wouldn’t be complete without the use of Instagram. This photo and video-sharing social media app is one of the best ways to reach almost any audience.

Best Instagram Analytics Apps

Still, even if you’ve done everything you need to do for a successful Instagram marketing campaign, sometimes the outcomes are not what you had hoped for.

If this has happened to you, then it may be time to investigate the metrics of your Instagram account.

Using Instagram’s built-in analytics, you will be able to better understand the behavior and trends of your audience, as well as break down the demographics of your audience.

If you make good use of this information, you will be able to adjust the content of your Instagram account as well as your marketing efforts so that they are directed at the appropriate demographic.

There are ways to get your analytics through Instagram; however, if you want a deeper look at certain numbers and need help identifying active solutions, a third-party analytics software might work better for you.

The need for Instagram analytics tools is high, and these tools are constantly developing to meet the varying needs of businesses, agencies, and brands.

To help poyou find the best option for you, we’ve made this list of the top 10 best Instagram analytics apps.

What’s Instagram Analytics?

Instagram analytics are insights that provide you with information regarding the performance of your posts on the platform.

These metrics will tell you the number of post impressions, engagement rate, and reach. As well as that, they provide you with facts regarding Instagram stories (see also “Why Are My Instagram Stories Blurry?“).

Because Instagram as a platform is so important for marketing, there are many more programs available than Instagram’s basic analytics tool.

These more advanced analytics tools help you evaluate the overall performance of your content by allowing you to track the competitors and analyze stories, among other things.

The Top 8 Analytics Tools For Instagram

Best Instagram Analytics Apps

These are the very best Instagram analytics tools to use if you want to boost your online presence.

1. Instagram Insights

  • Free

Ok, I know we said that you can do better than Instagram’s own analytics tool, but it’s still useful to know what it can tell you about your posts and engagement.

Instagram insights provide you with information regarding who liked your post, including a breakdown of who among those users is a follower of yours and who used the relevant hashtag.

From a commercial point of view, these actions are very useful to know.

The tool can also provide you with information regarding the demographics of your audience.

Having access to all of this information helps you in developing the very best plan for the Instagram presence of your brand.

2. Squarelovin

  • Free

The Squarelovin platform excels in its ability to serve the needs of commercial enterprises. You will be able to raise awareness about your company and promote it effectively with the help of this Instagram analytics tool.

The tool will assist you in promoting your article to an audience that interacts with other posts that are similar to yours.

The first step in intelligent promotion is making sure that the people who need to read your posts actually see them. And using this tool will help you make this happen.

3. Pixlee

  • Free

Pixlee is an incredible and unquestionably valuable tool for Instagram analysis for businesses and organizations.

The fact that this analytics tool also includes possibilities for content development is one of the reasons why it is superior for use in agency settings.

The tool can comprehend your specialized field and investigate the availability of information that is comparable on your behalf.

There are themes available for both images and text that you can use for posting on social media. You can schedule the postings quickly, and you can continue to be consistent with them.

You will also have access to the analyzed data for the content that you have posted, which will provide you with information regarding your position post-discovery.

4. Socialbakers

  • Free trial then $200 per month

The company Socialbakers offers a variety of services that are important for the social media presence of a brand.

Management of social media platforms, content strategy, social listening, and intelligence, measurement, and reporting, and influencer marketing are some of the options.

You can produce content and strategies that resonate with the target audience with the help of all of these elements, and through the use of this service, you’ll be able to see exactly how to target your desired audience.

5. Iconosquare

  • 30-day free trial then $50 per month

You may improve your monitoring, analytics, and publishing with the help of Iconosquare.

The application has all of the basic functions that are required for analyzing your company’s performance on Instagram.

On the app, you can see a full analysis of every post, including which posts made it to the discovery page and which posts are popular because of the hashtags they contain.

You are able to determine which of your postings performed the best, and you can also monitor the timelines of your competitors.

Through the use of this app, you will become familiar with the pattern that maintains the interest of the Instagram audience, keeping people becoming back for more.

6. Unbox Social

  • 14-day free trial, then monthly plans ranging from $10 – $100

You can do an in-depth analysis of everything you publish on Instagram, including both your posts and your stories, thanks to the comprehensive Instagram analytics provided by Unbox Social.

Acquire critical understanding and intelligence that are vital to the success of your brand through the use of this app.

Construct a successful strategy for Instagram by basing it on an in-depth analysis of the frequency and diversity of the content you post there.

In addition to all that, Unbox Social allows you to evaluate and compare your performance to that of your opponents, so you can see what your target audience responds to.

7. Crowdfire

  • Free to see some data, $8 per month for all information

You may improve your social media management with the assistance of the Crowdfire Instagram analytics tool.

This help includes the provision of solutions such as content curation, social media analytics, publishing, and tracking mentions.

The analytics tool will look at posts made by both you and your rivals and determine the level of engagement for each post based on when it was published.

People are more likely to connect with you if the moment when your post goes live coincides with the time when your audience is most likely to be available to read it.

This tool provides you with valuable insights that you can use to develop your content strategy more effectively.

8. Union Metrics

  • Free

Union Metrics is a useful application for conducting research and analysis on social media. It knows what your business needs in its marketing plan and fetches out appropriate viewers and pages.

Through the use of this app, you will have a better idea of the size of your audience and the kinds of posts they are most likely to enjoy reading and interacting with.

Union Metrics assists you in maintaining the schedule of your postings as well as keeping track of the posts themselves. You will also be aware of the optimal time to post updates to your various social media accounts.

Additionally, the tool is useful for reporting on campaigns, listening to keyword suggestions, and conducting competitive analysis.

9. Sprout Social

  • Free, then $90 per month

Sprout Social is an application that will function effectively for you if you have a strategic vision for your company or brand in mind.

The majority of applications only provide analytics for the previous thirty or ninety days, whereas the Professional and Advanced plans of Sprout Social include data for the profile for the previous two years.

In addition to that, it provides metrics on the previous ten thousand posts that you have produced, so you’ll have an endless amount of data on how your company is performing on the app.

10. HypeAuditor

  • Free if you are tracking one account, then $400 per month if you want more access

HypeAuditor is like a private eye. This program can research influencer profiles, provide you with a score indicating the quality of their audience, and compute the engagement rate of an audience. Additionally, it can recognize phony and ghost followers.

This software will assist you in ensuring that you are collaborating with social media influencers who are appropriate for your marketing strategy, helping you to rhea a bigger portion of your target audience.

11. Hootsuite

  • 30-day free trial, then $50 per month

Hootsuite is an analytics program that marketing teams will find particularly useful. It allows for an unlimited number of collaborative report creations, and you can generate as many reports as you like.

Hootsuite provides its users with many useful features, such as the ability to assign tasks to certain members of your team.

You can also personalize the dashboard of the app so you can keep track of many social media accounts at once.

In terms of tracking, this software is one of the best. It allows you to create an unlimited amount of reports, then share them with the other members of your team, as well as keep an eye on which departments’ and personnel’ posts are bringing in the highest return on investment.

If your company or brand has multiple people working on its marketing, Hootsuite is an excellent app to use to keep everyone on the same page.

12. Later

  • The lowest price is $9 per month

Later is yet another Instagram analytics application that will assist you in expanding your company by enhancing the way that you market on Instagram.

This platform’s ability to link your Instagram posts to specific URLs, such as product pages is what sets it apart from the competition.

The Linkin-bio function is what makes this platform so special though. From your Instagram profile, you can track website clicks, page views, and click-through rates, as well as see the number of sales that a certain post generated.

Even though Later provides a free plan for people, upgrading to one of its subscription packages will get you access to a wider range of helpful Instagram data, including insights into Instagram Stories.


  • Free trial, then the lowest price is $9 per month generates PDF reports that can provide you with insights on metrics such as the increase of your followers, the engagement rates of your posts and profile, the most popular photo filters, and more.

You also get the opportunity to export your data in a nice style, which makes it easier for you to keep other stakeholders informed about the marketing activities you are undertaking on Instagram. also provides a free trial that lasts for 14 days and can be extended at the customer’s request.

This means that you will be able to test it out as much as you need to determine whether or not it’s the ideal Instagram statistics app for you.

How To See Insights On Instagram

Best Instagram Analytics Apps

As Instagram insights are free and built into the app, it’s useful to know how it works and what you can do with the information it provides.

It’s really simple to get to the stats section of your Instagram account. Access to Instagram Insights is available natively within the app if you use a Business or Creator account on the platform.

Here’s how to see your Instagram stats:

  1. Tap the menu button in the top right corner of your Instagram profile to convert your Personal account to a Business or Creator account. The icon for this is three horizontal dashes.
  2. Tapping this icon will open a menu. On that menu, you will see a “get Insights” option. Tap that.
  3. From there, follow the directions that Instagram provides. Choose the category that you want your account to go under, which means deciding whether you want it to be regarded as a Creator account or a Business account. The transition will be finished when you click Next.
  4. Once you have converted your personal Instagram account to a Business or Creator account, navigate back to your profile page and click on the banner titled “Professional Dashboard” located at the very top of the page.
  5. Following this link will take you to the Insight summary associated with your account. You can choose to examine all of the specifications if you would want to see more precise information.

What Can Insights On Instagram Show You?

You can see a breakdown of many things regarding your posts when using the Instagram Insights feature (see also “How To See Liked Posts On Instagram“). These include:

  • Which age group is the most active in responding to your posts?
  • Which parts of the world are paying the greatest attention to the posts?
  • How many new followers you’ve gotten and how many you’ve lost?
  • How many new accounts have viewed your profile?
  • How many new accounts have seen at least one of your posts?

What Are The Most Important Metrics To Keep track Of?

If you use Instagram correctly, your content has the potential to become popular within a few days, and if you’re lucky may even become trending.

Because of this, you have no choice but to make use of analytical techniques to see how popular your posts are.

While all metrics regarding your posts are important, here are the ones that you should pay extra close attention to:

  • Engagement – how many people like, share, or comment on a post.
  • Hashtag activity – how many people clicked on the hashtag in your posts, or posted with the same hashtag
  • Follower growth – how many new people have followed your account?
  • Click-through rates – how many people have visited your account?
  • Competitor accounts – you need to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and how much engagement their posts are getting. This will show you if you need to make any changes to your posts.

By monitoring the above variables, you will be able to have a better understanding of how Instagram’s algorithm works and how you, as a marketer, can make use of it.


Finding the Instagram analytics solution that works best for you can be challenging.

Because there are more than one billion active users of Instagram right now, you may occasionally have the impression that your posts are being lost in cyberspace.

You can make as many posts as you want, but if you make them at the wrong time or use the wrong hashtags, you won’t be able to connect with the people you’re trying to reach.

Taking advantage of the information provided by your Instagram account is quite important because of this gap in understanding your audience (see also “What Are The Pros Of Multiple Instagram Accounts?“).

However, breaking down the numbers can be a challenging effort in and of itself; which is why using one of the analytics programs that we have listed above can make your life a lot simpler.

These analytics applications can be useful to you whether you handle all of your company’s marketing on your own or are part of a larger marketing team.

Your material will be shown to the appropriate audience, the exposure of your account will increase, and the results of your marketing campaign will be enhanced when they are used appropriately.

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