Best Apps To Get Likes On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms currently available. It focuses on videos and photos and is a great way to connect with family, friends, customers, and strangers across the world.

Best Apps to Get Likes on Instagram

Whether you’re using Instagram for personal or business reasons, you will want your posts to reach as many people as possible.

Many businesses can drive traffic and sales from popular Instagram posts and individuals can raise their profiles and become an influencer with enough likes.

Getting those likes isn’t always easy, however. You can grow your account organically but this takes time and isn’t always guaranteed to happen.

That’s where apps to get likes on Instagram can help. These apps will help raise your engagement which will make you more visible in Instagram’s search results (see also “How To Pin A Comment On Instagram“).

Many of these apps have free options whereas others require a fee. They all have different methods for getting likes so whatever your budget or available time, there is sure to be an app for you.

Let’s get started!

General Tips For Gaining Instagram Likes

There are many services out there that allow you to purchase Instagram likes using real money (see also “How Do Instagram Influencers Make Money?“). You simply pay a fee and then the likes will get added to your account.

Although it is tempting to pay for these services, the likes are usually from fake accounts which means that they can disappear at any time as Instagram constantly checks for fake accounts and deletes them.

The apps in this list either take advantage of the Instagram hashtag system to get more attention to your posts or operate a system where real users are encouraged to exchange likes.

Either way, these likes are genuine and are more likely to be permanent and from real users.

Best Apps to Get Likes on Instagram

1. Like4Like

This is one of the better apps that allow you to trade likes for social media accounts. It works with several different social media sites outside of Instagram as well, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and SoundCloud.

The system is pretty simple and works on a credits basis. You can get credits by either buying them or earning them from liking and following the contents of other members on the app.

These credits can then be turned into likes and followers on your account.

You can promote your Instagram within the Like4Like app and build mutually beneficial relationships with others.

You will be posting to a community of people who are also working to improve the stats of their page and are willing to help you for a little help in return.

There is also a system where you can earn additional credits for referring others to the app. There are also daily and weekly bonuses for referrals and activity. Like4Like also has a website and browser extension that you can use as well.


  • Can be used for free
  • Bonuses for referrals
  • Safe and secure log on and use
  • Ability to build mutually beneficial relationships and networks


  • Limited posts and likes available

2. Likes Hash

Although this app isn’t pretty to look at, it can do the job of getting you some Instagram likes. The interface is very straightforward and you shouldn’t expect to find anything aesthetically pleasing!

The app works by asking you to select a topic and a hashtag that appeals to you. Once you’ve selected the hashtag, you will be asked to watch a few ads and then you will get some likes on your Instagram feed (see also “Amazing Interactive Ads For Cars“).

There is no fee for using this app as it is all about watching videos.

Some of the videos can be quite lengthy and you cannot skip them. You will need to judge for yourself if you think the amount of time spent watching videos is worth the number of likes you will get.

If you’re looking for a free option though and can distract yourself while the videos play, you might find this worth the trade.


  • Completely free
  • Search by hashtag
  • Get likes by watching ads
  • Basic and easy to use


  • Too many lengthy ads

3. Real Followers & Likes Via Tag

With this app, you can gain access to daily quotes and tags that you post to your Instagram account to then get extra followers and likes.

You can customize the quotes to fit your Instragam aesthetic and the app creates a network of users that follow the tags and like the posts associated with the tags.

To get these quotes and tags and boost your posts you need to have coins. These can be earned by completing tasks such as watching ad videos but can also be purchased.

Although it is possible to have good results from this app without paying any real money, you will need to have the patience to watch a lot of ads!

Overall, this app is effective at raising your likes and followers. You do have to use the quotes or tags provided by the app though so this may not suit all Instagram users.


  • Clean interface
  • Easy to use
  • Hashtags help to find new followers and likes
  • Can be used for free


  • Poor developer support

4. Grow Social

This app aims to help you get more likes and followers on Instagram by getting you to interact with other users (see also “Best Instagram Follower Apps“).

What makes it stand out from other apps (or from simply doing this yourself in the Instagram app) is that it uses automatic interactions. You don’t need to physically interact as the app will do it for you.

You can select specific hashtags or locations that are relevant to your account and Grow Social will automatically find accounts that fit your criteria.

It can follow, like, or DM these accounts and this encourages them to reciprocally interact with your account.

Grow Social gives you access to a variety of charts and reports so you can closely monitor the growth of your account.

It makes sure to stick within Instagram’s guidelines for activities so you won’t find your account suspended for spam activity, as well.


  • Automation means little time is needed
  • Lots of filters to choose from
  • In-depth graphs and statistics
  • Ability to build mutually beneficial relationships and networks


  • Expensive and has no free option

5. Tags For Likes

One of the easiest ways to get your Instagram posts in front of new eyes is by using the right hashtags at the right times (see also “The Best Time To Post On Instagram“).

If you do this correctly, your post may even be one of those highly featured in Instagram’s search results, leading to even more eyes on your post!

Tags for Likes aims to help you find those hashtags. It works on a simple premise as all you have to do is enter a keyword that sums up your Instagram post and the app will suggest related hashtags that are currently trending and popular.

This will help you get your posts seen and included in the right hashtags. It can also help you think of some hashtags that you otherwise might not.

This app is purely for generating hashtags so it won’t directly influence anyone to like your posts. Instead, it helps your posts be seen.

The hashtag generator can be used for several social media accounts other than Instagram as well.


  • Clean interface
  • Easy to use
  • Helps you use the right hashtags to get noticed
  • Works with several social media platforms


  • Subscription is expensive

6. Likes & Followers By AITags

This app helps you gain Instagram followers and likes by generating a series of popular hashtags that you can use in your post to get yourself noticed.

Simply enter a keyword or upload a photo and the app will assess your input and generate a cloud of trending hashtags that are suitable.

You can then make your post on Instagram with these hashtags and it will help your post get more noticed by the users on Instagram and this in turn will get more likes (see also “How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Instagram“).

To generate these hashtags you need to use coins. Using an image costs more coins than using a keyword does.

You get some coins for free when you first download the app but other coins will need to be purchased using the in-app purchases. There is no subscription though, so you only need to pay for the coins you will use.


  • Can be used for free
  • Easy to use
  • Helps you use the right hashtags to get noticed
  • Clean interface


  • Earning coins can be tricky

Final Thoughts

In this article, we listed the best apps to get likes on Instagram. They all use different mechanisms for getting likes so you will need to choose the best one for you.

Some of the methods used include exchanging likes with other users, relying on popular hashtags, automated services, and watching ads for likes.

Some of these apps can be used for free and others need a subscription, but most offer a hybrid service where you can pay for more likes. Whatever your budget, there is sure to be an app for you.

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